Simple Budget Spreadsheet


Your Income  –  Expenses   =   Very little left

 Got this problem?


Our simple budget solution sure gave us more money in our pocket and Peace of Mind

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Budget Summary Page

Budget Spending Details page

Budget Data Entry Page

Simple Budget Spreadsheet is an Excel budget spreadsheet for PCs and Excel compatible Macs.

When you use it you get rid of:

  • Never having quite enough…
  • Holding bills to pay later…
  • Postponing purchases, fun stuff…

Swap your stress for Peace of Mind… make a change and get started.

EASY – no paperwork – just on-line                       statements

SIMPLE – less than 30 categories

QUICK – only 10-15 minutes per week



Show me how I’d actually use it…

Simple Budget Spreadsheet is:

. . . .


    • Uses on-line ckg/credit statements



  • No receipts, bills, checks needed





    • Less than 30 Categories



  • No tracking of minor items





    • 10 – 15 minutes/week 




This is just test text



 The other guys’:


. . . .

Not Easy


Too much paperwork

Not easy

Not Simple


Too many input details


Features I don’t need

Not simple

Not Quick


Hours spent to maintain

Not quick

Sounds good to me!


Here’s the details about ordering and installation


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Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m lazy. How will it help me?

I tried a budget before. They’re too complicated.

And I won’t keep all my receipts. Too much paperwork.


But you can’t do that and still know how I spend cash.

I probably won’t keep it up…

We handled it this way:

Well, will only 10-15 minutes per week do it?

That’s why we cut the number of topics to less than 30. Simple.

Don’t need paperwork. All inputs come from on-line statements.

Don’t need that either. Cash comes from ATMs/checks or cashback and that’s picked up from your statements.

Actually, our experience is you’ll find it fun to do!

Here’s more detail.  You’ll find out the budget is pretty easy to use. . .

Each month has 3 parts:

Budget Summary

1. “Where I stand today” page

    • You see a clear visual picture of your current spending.



  • You don’t hunt through confusing tables to figure it out.




  • You clearly see differences between your plan and actuals.




Budget Spending Details

See spending warnings through colored graphs for each category!

2. “Where has it all gone” page

    • You only need categories for major spending topics -SIMPLE!



  • You see separate records for check and credit card spending.




  • You manage cash flow by seeing due dates, comments, etc.




Budget Data Entry







That’s all there is to it…

3. “Easy Data Entry” page

    • You only use on-line checking/credit card statements.



  • You don’t need paper statements, bills, receipts, etc.




  • You enter specific amounts just a few times per week.




                             How about…


Incredibly Useful

I designed this Excel budget spreadsheet to be so easy and simple that you would really USE it … to know where you are every day!

In my first 3 months I learned that I varied from $538 left to being overspent – $137

When you know  – 

you make better choices.

Now I average hundreds of dollars left each month.

This is truly a unique, graphical solution that really solved my problem. You should buy it and try it!

Still sounds good to me!

Here’s the details about ordering and installation

Order Information